Lyrical Hip-Hop Dance

This is Hip-Hop Dance enacting the lyrics of the song, the “softer” side of Hip-Hop. Lyrical Hip-Hop Dance is usually danced to R&B or Neo Soul music. If you are familiar with the hit show “So You Think You Can Dance” or the choreographer’s Tabitha and Napoleon, then you have an idea of this style of dance! Good for beginners and those with experience and a great workout!



Cardio Funk

Get in shape the fun way! Jam to artists such as Lady Gaga, Beyonce’ and Bruno Mars by repeating basic aerobic steps and footwork (like the grapevine), to one song. We’ll add basic steps throughout the class. This is also a great class if you’re new to dancing or want to get back into dancing. Ideal for all abilities!



Salsa Cardio

Dance the calories away! This class infuses basic salsa dance steps to great music! Great for beginners and those with experience!



Pop Dance

Dance to artists like Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Robyn choreographed by Custom Choreography! Great for the beginner or the more seasoned dancer!



Pop Aerobics

We’ll be doing basic dance steps (like the grapevine) but to multiple artists! We will start with medium tempo songs with the tempo picking up throughout the class to several artists such as Madonna, Prince and No Doubt! You’re sure to get a great workout at this class – it’s like a “dance marathon!”  Great for all abilities!